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Faith in Tony Romo

Tony Romo 2013Despite the harsh criticism from sports fans, analyst can honestly say Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, during the 4th quarter but we need him the ENTIRE game. Tonight whatever issues you may have with the team captain you might wanna put them aside as Romo and Manning renew a heated rivalry between Cowboys and Giants. Both quarterbacks have similar salary contracts like CEO’s. Their stats are similar but Manning has the playoff wins and for the past seven years in the league Romo has a 1-3 playoff win. Most would call that unacceptable for someone getting paid $120 million but let’s face it is it really all Romo’s fault. Manning has a 9-11 career playoff record but still he has gotten less yards and only 2 more touchdowns than Romo during the 2012 season.

Last year, the Cowboys 8-8 record and failure to make the playoffs was largely attributed to Romo’s league-high 19 interceptions. But in Week 17 they were still in contention for a playoff spot mainly because of Romo, who led Dallas on five fourth-quarter come-from-behind wins, a feat not achieved even by Cowboys Hall of Fame QBs Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Some of those interceptions were caused by the simple fact that the Dallas defense was so bad that he had no choice but to keep throwing the ball—his 648 pass attempts amounted to the third highest in the league.

The Calm Before The Storm

Dallas Cowboys Locker Room Before Game 1

Dallas Cowboys locker room
Just hours away from the kickoff in game one of the Dallas Cowboys 2013 season. The official team twitter sent out a pic of the locker room before the Cowboys gear up in one of the most crucial games this season. Tony Romo has a lot to prove against NY Giants Eli Manning. Both quarterbacks have a similar stats but Romo has a lot of pressure this season with a $120 million contract. Will he live up to the hype and expectations put on him by General Manager Jerry Jones and the fans?

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys team huddle

Tony Romo’s No. 1 Job This Season

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys team huddle

Tony Romo realizes as quarterback responsibility falls on his shoulders

Tony Romo Explains Number 1 Job This Season

“My job is going to be to protect the football, That’s my No. 1 job going into every football game and I’m going to do the job that this team needs to win the football game. … Obviously the No. 1 thing for me will be not having anything negatively happen. When I say that it’s not just turnovers, it’s negative plays, getting us into the right plays and doing the things that can get us out of other things. A lot of that stuff falls on the quarterback’s plate and that’s a good thing especially when you’ve been in a system for an extended period of time throughout the experiences. I’ll go into it with the right frame of mind and do what needs to be done.”

Tony Romo playoffs

Tony Romo attacked by the NO Saints OUCH!

Them sound like fighting words to me. Tony Romo is gearing up for the most important season of his career. The Dallas Cowboy signed a contract just months ago worth $120 million. The salary granted to Romo by Dallas General Manger Jerry Jones drew a bevy of criticism from fans and sports analyst who see it simply as a publicity stunt. But Jones swears the team, management and fans believe in this cowboy and were delighted to give him a raise.

Tony+Romo+Dallas+Cowboys+v+Arizona+Cardinals+CmmnFfUZOWxlDespite the criticism his stats are not that bad. With more touchdowns in 2012 and complete passes than self proclaimed NFC East best quarterback Eli Manning Romo deserves a break. But he has no plans on resting. This season the coaches have drawn up a brand new plan to help Romo with his declaration. He realizes that a lot of things and responsibility fall on his shoulders to help carry out awesome plays. Dez Bryant himself describes the quarterback as the CEO on the field. So the team has an all new starting offensive line.

Romo also mentioned that protecting the football is of utmost importance to him. The father to baby Hawkins could maybe think of his 1 year old son as the football and own it like he’s raising him! Maybe we should tweet this article to him. Please be kind and share.

Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant Believes Romo Could Be MVP

Dez Bryant Confident Tony Romo Could Be MVP

Dez Bryant wide receiver The NFL MVP has become one of the most prestigious awards given to a football player. In the last 10 of 12 season it has always gone to a quarterback which might be why wide receiver Dez Bryant doesn’t think it would be possible for him to ever receive one. Recently Michael Irvin a former Dallas Cowboy turned ESPN sports analyst stated his bets on Dez Bryant the wide receiver this season. Bryant was almost smitten hearing the compliment and responded with a sense of pride that anyone would getting acknowledgement from a seasoned NFL veteran.

“It always means a lot when Michael Irvin is saying something good about you, just because of the history of the number I look at it as a great challenge to try to fill his shoes, Drew [Pearson] and Mike’s. There’s no pressure. I’m just having fun with it.”

Dallas Cowboys Dez BryantWho could blame him Bryant finished the 2012 season with 92 receptions for 1,382 yards (15 yards-per-catch average) and 12 touchdowns; these ranked 10th, 6th and 3rd respectively among all receivers.

If anyone should know it should be Irvin. But Bryant humbly dissed the compliment stating his teammate Tony Romo is definitely in the running to get that honor this year. What it takes to be an MVP? Bryant replied by saying “being a quarterback”. According to the wide receiver the quarterbacks are the “CEOs and Bosses in the field.” But the problem with Tony is he playoff record is non existent leaving him with no votes for MVP. But there is a chance that Dallas could get to the Playoffs and if so Tony Romo would have a much better chance. There have been major changes to the $2.1. Billion team especially on the offensive which is filled with all new starters easing some of the burden off the $120 million man Tony Romo.

Romo has had a pretty impressive passing rate but it’s difficult to get any recognition when all your passes are met with fumbles from sloppy catchers.

Tony Romo vs Eli Manning

Romo vs Eli Manning

Tony Romo vs Eli Manning

Tony Romo vs Eli Manning

Eli Manning New York GiantsIn light of the epic rival match fans are waiting for this Sunday night between Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants we though it’d best to give a sneak peek at what’s to come. Comparing the two quarterbacks Tony Romo and Eli Manning who will face off in the first game for both teams of the season. Both players are getting record amounts of cash from their teams. But Romo is number one in the league with a $120 million contract but s mediocre game average. During his 2012 season he was only able to lead the Dallas Cowboys to 8 wins and coming nowhere close to getting into the playoffs. Even worse he has never been in the playoffs since he entered the NFL and is leading the most valuable team in sports. But team manager Jerry Jones has hope and believes the fans do. He confidently inked out the $120 million contract that Romo happily signed on the dotted line for his big pay out. But will that increase his morale and have him putting on a new game face this season?

Tony Romo DallasThis has been the great debate for years the Romo and Manning comparison. Although Manning has more playoff wins his statistics are slightly worse than Romo.  Manning has the rings and the title as the NFC East best quarterback but could a few different plays have changed that for Romo. His teammates also play a crucial role in the quarterback’s performance and it seems the coaches on Dallas Cowboys certainly agree. They have made major changes to their defensive and especially offensive which has all new starters to ease up the burden on Tony Romo for day 1.

Tony Romo 2013 Dallas Stats

Yards Touchdowns Wins
4903 28 8

Eli Manning 2013 NY Stats

Yards Touchdowns Wins
3948 26 9

Dallas Cowboys Upgrades Offensive Line

Cowboys Upgrades Offensive Line for First Game

Tony Romo Cincinnati BengalsDallas Cowboys preparing for their first game of the season against Eli Manning and the New York Giants.Start with the upgrades made to the offensive line, which should have new starters at all three interior spots once recent addition Brian Waters joins the starting lineup, which could happen as soon as Week 2. It would have been nice to get the six-time Pro Bowl guard signed before the first week of September, but better late than never. The Cowboys invested a first-round pick in center Travis Frederick because they recognized that improved offensive line play was such a glaring need. Left guard Ronald Leary is essentially an undrafted redshirt rookie, but the Cowboys are confident he’ll provide power and a nasty streak — two things that have been missing.

A remodeled O-line ought to improve a running game that frankly can’t be much worse than it was last season, when it set franchise records for futility. The Cowboys ranked second to last in the league in rushing yards (1,265) and attempts (355).

Offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, the new playcaller whose zone-blocking scheme has been further implemented since last season, also should be more committed to the run than Garrett tended to be. It’s hard for Romo to commit a turnover when he’s handing the ball off.

Source ESPN

Tony Romo money

Tony Romo Net Worth

Tony Romo Net Worth

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys starting quarterback on the sidelines before preseason game. He made a statement to the Dallas Morning News that “this team is going to win a Super bowl.” Good Luck

dallas cowboys logo-001
Wow Romo maybe considered a humble guy. He drives an SUV but his lifestyle is by far above that of the average man. He recently built a 6,900 square foot home with his wife Candice Crawford for the couple and their son Hawkins. The house is located in North Dallas Texas and is lsited for $6.9 million. Compared to homes in Hollywood and penthouses in New York the price is not bad but the house would be worth almost $20 million if it were in either of those big cities. It sits on over 317 acres. The home alos has 6 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms. The price tag is chump change for a man worth $70 million and by the end of his career could be worth over $300 million.

One of the most controversial athletes in the NFL Tony Romo. He is constantly criticized by critics for his faulty plays and poor on the field decisions as the quarterback for sport’s most profitable team. The Dallas Cowboys franchise is worth over $2.1 billion. That landed them number 1 on Forbes most valuable teams list. Cowboys are worth even more than the New York Yankees. With a mediocre record and only 1 playoff win in 6 years the Cowboys are financially unstoppable thanks to marketing. Owner Jerry Jones has often been denounced for his poor decision to keep Romo. But Romo has silenced the haters and critics getting paid big bucks. He signed a six-year, $108 million contract in March. The contract included a $25 million signing bonus. He is worth more than rival Eli Manning. Is he worth it?

Tony Romo Dallas Cowboys Annual Salary

17 million salary paid to Tony Romo

Tony Romo before Cowboys vs Redskins 2013

Dallas vs Washington Redskins

In 2013 Romo ranked #24 on Forbes Highest Paid Athletes list earning a remarkable $28.8 million with $3 million in endorsements. His five-year multi-million deal with Starter, signed in 2008, is one of the NFL’s biggest endorsement deals. His net worth in 2013 is $70 million.